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Danger Factory- Los Angeles Art Stuff Dec 10, 2016

Finally settled in LA. All things moved and within reach. Now to become integrated into the creative, arts, and absurdist scene that bubbles under the Hollywood glitz. First off after a Friday night off we have this great event at Self Help Graphics around the corner from my new Boyle Heights pad-


EVEN CLOSER is a well rounded performance in an incredible multi-media space, Dronebox, we have Legendary Comic, Adam Barnhardt’s One-Man Show, Comedy by Jeff Husbands, and LIVE MUSIC by The Flusters

Tomorrow it is only an extra couple of miles to the Fashion District and that mad loft in an area abandoned at dusk, Think Tank Gallery
for a show, a podcast, and probably some sketchy food that I will buy from a street vendor.

think tank gallery in LA for pop art, street design and more
“The future is looking sexy this weekend at Think Tank. We welcome The Fuchur to our clean white walls, where there will be a selection of very dirty artworks for your pleasure.

The show is an elaborate expo of what humanity could look like in 200 years. Around the gallery you will find ambassadors from the future here to show us what is in store.” Then a live podcast from the sub luminaries from Awkward Human.

It’s a start.  R

They need a stoner and a gay dude and a giant stoner dog that talks.

teenage exorcist van like from scooby doo
THIS is why ghosts and/or demons would NEVER prove their existence to me. Cuz I would go super off the deep end and wield multiple holy water cannons while tooling around with crucifix bandoleers and a chain mail leather outfit made out of pocket bibles. I CAN’T do that because I don’t believe in them. I’m not that prone to delusion. THESE home schooled chickies though, well, again I say, seclusion breeds delusion. You kids need to get out more.

I would bet that their leader really, really wants a reality show. I can’t wait until he pretends one of them was launched in a tinfoil ufo by a demon. This has all the makings of both a tv show and a catastrophe. I wonder which will come first.

“Rev. Larson is a self-taught expert on cults, the occult, and supernatural phenomena. He has also performed thousands of exorcisms during his career. After discovering that his own daughter Brynne (pictured on the far left) was a gifted exorcist, he went on to train the other teens, and believes them to be particularly effective at the art of overcoming demonic possession.” Yeah, why not?

‘Insidious 2’ At Comic Con 2013

insdious 2 at san diego comic con secret party
I operate Danger Factory out of a space in downtown San Diego called Industry Showroom. It’s a project I founded and am the managing/operational partner of. The concept was to take under-utilized spaces and transform them into workshop and presentation spaces for art, fashion, and design. This is our 4th year and the ex-bordello, vintage, brick and wood loftspace on 5th Avenue in the Gaslamp Quarter of downtown San Diego (only 3 blocks from the Convention Center… yeah, Comic Con ground zero) is finally humming with creativity and art.

One of the ways we keep the rents down is by hosting a few events throughout the year. It brings in a chunk or two of cash that pays for improvements. In fact 2013’s event allowed us to rewire the common area of our photo-studio floor, which is incidentally the area primarily shown in the videos below. This year we got to host the Insidious2 installation.

It was incredible. We had a Hollywood special effects crew in here for a whirlwind install that started on Monday and didn’t finalize until an hour before the winners of a FEARnet contest, movie cast members, hollywood mogul-types, and select media people were brought into the haunted environment. It was a huge success. Enjoy the short video (sorry they are set to autoplay, pause one of them). And yeah, that’s my freakin’ loft.

Join FEARnet’s Angie Greenup, Leigh Whannell and Angus Sampson as they give us a tour of the Comic-Con exclusive ‘Insidious: Chapter 2’ attraction which gives clues as to what to except for the highly anticipated sequel! ‘Insidious Chapter 2,’ which is once again helmed by James Wan (‘The Conjuring’) opens in theaters September 13th!

I got to have some fun troubleshooting throughout the night. I was called on to regale the attendees with the tales of our actual haunting. Yeah, this old Victorian whorehouse that later became the San Diego Rescue Mission is THOROUGHLY haunted. Everybody had a blast and the creatives that share the space at Industry Showroom got to be super creeped out the week it was up. I mean the sheet-covered creatures were our front lobby area. It was MEGA-WEIRD living here. Yeah, I live in the uppermost section of the loft space. I don’t just love the geek life, I LIVE the geek life.

They packed up the same night and disappeared like an apparition. The only forensic evidence I had left was this lantern. Which actually turned out to be one of the best bits of swag EVER. I have already used it on a camping trip.

YAY Comic Con swag and YAY Insidious2, I can’t wait to be further disturbed.

Yolandi Visser & the indie film madness of Cookie Thumper

Yolandi visser geek chic angel of death

Pre-Apocalyptic music impresarios Die Antwoord have unleashed another short musical (music video just doesn’t do it justice).  Again we see the uber-hot Yolandi Visser push the envelope. In fact she pushes it way off the table, into the next room, out the door and into the street.  This is going to offend many sensitive pansies.  Don’t be one of them.  Enjoy the shock. It is the work of beautiful monsters.

LOVE Yolandi Visser! She has so many looks (most of them sinister) and the art direction Ninja brings to the table is magnificent in its horrific beauty.
petty little yolandi visser

Then there is the SUPER sinister look. Still kinda hot though.
yolandi visser as demon