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Don’t make your mouth do “bad things”.

Tooheys Extra Dry, mouth that does bad things,
I love weird, aggressive, guerrilla marketing. This super-bizarre beer ad from Australian beer Tooheys Extra Dry is stright out of a sci-fi nightmare. In fact Adweek likens it to a David Cronenberg film.

The mouth that secedes from the United Parts of Humanity clearly states abuse as grounds for leaving. “You made me do things, bad things, I can’t forget,” is the testimony (that all mouths may have in common), and luckily a compromise is made. Tooheys Extra Dry! Interzone’s Favorite Beer!


Goth Girl just can’t help her strange candy happiness.

happy goth girl smiles at norregarde candy

I love this NSFW commercial from Denmark. I think people can handle swearing and y’know, goth girls are always hot- that’s just science. The only thing that mystifies me about this gem from Nørregade candies is the flavor. Licorice, chili, and “sweetness”… is this a Danish thing?

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