Comic Con Preview Night 2011


I am not just a attendee and fan of Comic Con, I am a designer with a booth in the vast auditorium of pop.  I also have the honor/burden of being a venue manager for a few off-site events.  Soooooo, the last minute chaos is of the highest possible levels.

Did it!  We got the booth for Popular Naughty set up and ready, the giant space we call Industry Showroom in downtown San Diego has been completely reconstituted into the SEGA Game Lounge, and I still had some time to walk the floor of the Con.

Aah, at home for one week a year.  My fave moment so far was walking by a booth that Lou Ferrigno was signing at and as he stood up he took that moment to perform a thorough package scratching and adjustment session which made the Japanese girls in front of me giggle exactly like the Japanese girls in every anime I have ever seen.

“You won’t like me when I’m itchy.” the Hulk may say.

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