1. Funny, I stumbled in here somewhat randomly (googling “sandman”), & just so happens that I have borrowed this very cat.

    It clawed the door frame on the way out of the Loft with all fours, & wouldn’t leave the porch at my house for fear of the pine needles which it pawed at with trepidation.

    Needless to say, in this disoriented state it wasn’t of much use against my rat issues. Now my confession. I got one between my toes with the Glock early in the morning, a splotch of red against the plywood wall. & another with napalm. This was cruel, & to be sure to leave a scarred scratch mark in my memory, the flames with little legs ran screaming into the dry canyon outside my place in La Jolla.

    This was all the cats fault.

  2. Wow, everyone remembers that cat. I always wondered what happened to it and always expected it to be something like the vague terror you described.

    And you Jerry. We also always knew you would have scary, super-creepy things to confess.

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