Survival of the Hottest.

I’ve been saying it for years.  THE reason that Neanderthal people went extinct is that the Homo Sapien showed up with their flashy clothes, fancy doodads, and groomed bods and boinked the Neanderthals out of existence.

Now science has my back.  All non African people have SOME Neanderthal DNA in them.   Which means there was SUCH a fest of boinking, rarely between Neanderthal and Neanderthal, that they as a race were left at the bar long after closing.


The ladies couldn’t resist!  As our ancestors prowled across Europe they loved and left as many of the “natives” they could find and kept rolling. No, it isn’t much different than today if life were like a teenage movie.  But it just cracks me up that the most obvious of truths was argued against for so long.

My other theory and additional way to explain this massive interbreeding is that I suspect that the Homo Sapiens of this same time invented the paper bag.  THERE!  That’s how you can make love to a Neanderthal.

Here’s a stiffer version, with more sciencier science.

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