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I LOVE these Satanic dudes that are part of the monstrous world ruling conspiracy.

Because they rock.  You know, the ONLY reason to ever rule.  Ghost BC

Yolandi Visser & the indie film madness of Cookie Thumper

Yolandi visser geek chic angel of death

Pre-Apocalyptic music impresarios Die Antwoord have unleashed another short musical (music video just doesn’t do it justice).  Again we see the uber-hot Yolandi Visser push the envelope. In fact she pushes it way off the table, into the next room, out the door and into the street.  This is going to offend many sensitive pansies.  Don’t be one of them.  Enjoy the shock. It is the work of beautiful monsters.

LOVE Yolandi Visser! She has so many looks (most of them sinister) and the art direction Ninja brings to the table is magnificent in its horrific beauty.
petty little yolandi visser

Then there is the SUPER sinister look. Still kinda hot though.
yolandi visser as demon

Finally! A Proper Super Villain Heavy Metal Band!

They are going to try to take over the world.  Just like the other Pope hat wearing guy (you know, the Pope).  But it might turn out to be cool.  I say let them. Here is GHOST B.C. with Secular Haze from their 2013 release ‘Infestissumam’.

Amanda Palmer, TED talk on the wtf world of publishing.

Let’s get learned.

I love Amanda Palmer, I love the TED talks, I love publishing… ooh it’s the perfect storm.  If there was a strawberry pop-tart with butter on it it, this would have been the the moment of ultimate snacking.

Steam Powered Giraffe- Pageantry, Vaudeville, and wha’..? REALLY Good Songs!

Steampunk band- Steam Powered Giraffe

Because Steampunk is cool, cowboys are cool, and robots are megacool. https://www.facebook.com/events/205303929600577/