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Tiki Oasis 2016 with Popular Naughty, Boo-Tiki, Last Gasp, and the Golden Tiki

I am SO looking forward to this madcap event!

Monster island tiki oasis design poster

We will be vending all weekend, well, my lovely assistant will be vending all weekend while I carouse by the pool, seek creatures, and bask in the zillions of pieces of art, craft, design and style that is the world of Tiki Oasis. All weekend, a complete takeover of a hotel, bar, and pool, with dozens of parties and bands going on all night in the suites after the seminars, tutorials, performances and rum tastings are over. Baby Doe and Otto von Stroheim have a real cultural phenomenon here.

monster design and clothing

Join us in the vending room where we will have some amazing tiki, kustom kulture, and pop-art books from Last Gasp Publishing, a selection of Monster Tiki Mugs from Boo-Tiki, the hot t-shirt action of burlesque/punk born Popular Naughty, AND a rare Limited Edition Mug from neo-legendary Las Vegas tiki nightclub The Golden Tiki. This mug will guarantee admission to their penthouse soirees on Friday and Saturday nights.

Sinbad cyclops tiki



Here’s a teaser of one of the rare mugs from Boo-Tiki!

boo-tiki logo, monster tiki mugs


lo pan tiki mug







Uh huh… LO-PAN!!!

http://www.tikioasis.com for more

Yolandi Visser & the indie film madness of Cookie Thumper

Yolandi visser geek chic angel of death

Pre-Apocalyptic music impresarios Die Antwoord have unleashed another short musical (music video just doesn’t do it justice).  Again we see the uber-hot Yolandi Visser push the envelope. In fact she pushes it way off the table, into the next room, out the door and into the street.  This is going to offend many sensitive pansies.  Don’t be one of them.  Enjoy the shock. It is the work of beautiful monsters.

LOVE Yolandi Visser! She has so many looks (most of them sinister) and the art direction Ninja brings to the table is magnificent in its horrific beauty.
petty little yolandi visser

Then there is the SUPER sinister look. Still kinda hot though.
yolandi visser as demon

Finally! A Proper Super Villain Heavy Metal Band!

They are going to try to take over the world.  Just like the other Pope hat wearing guy (you know, the Pope).  But it might turn out to be cool.  I say let them. Here is GHOST B.C. with Secular Haze from their 2013 release ‘Infestissumam’.

Steam Powered Giraffe- Pageantry, Vaudeville, and wha’..? REALLY Good Songs!

Steampunk band- Steam Powered Giraffe

Because Steampunk is cool, cowboys are cool, and robots are megacool. https://www.facebook.com/events/205303929600577/

Tim Curry’s OTHER hit song.

Tin Curry as Dr Frank N Furter from Rocky Horror Picture Show
So everybody knows (or should know) Tim Curry from his perfect role as Dr. Frank N. Furter in the  1975 musical comedy horror film, Rocky Horror Picture Show.  Watch it once and you’ll be singing along by the second viewing.  You will be particularly”rocked” by his phenomenal fang-bangin’ intro, Sweet Transvestite” that left the world with shivering knees and new disturbing questions about there true inner selves.  It’s a bad ass song.

So, hot on the tail of that, he kicked out another hit.  Here it is, and oh, sorry about the saxophones, they used to do that.

Go ahead kids…. sing along!

Edith Sitwell giving readings
14 Moscow Road
Osbert’s giving champagne parties
Sachie’s got a cold
Gertrude’s hanging pictures
Alice making tea
Me, I do the only thing that still
Makes sense to me
I do the Rock
I do the Rock Rock

John and Yoko farming beef
Raising protein quota
Sometimes they make love and art
Inside their Dakota
Rodney’s feeling sexy
Mick is really frightfully bold
Me, I do the only thing
That stops me growing old
I do the Rock
I do the Rock Rock
I do the Rock Rock Rock

Well, it’s stimulating

Solzhenitzin feels exposed
Build a barbed-wired prison
Nietzsche’s six feet under
But his babies still got rhythm
Einstein’s celebrating ten decades
But I’m afraid philosophy
Is just too much responsibility for me
I do the Rock
I do the Rock

Baby Ruth and Dizzy Dean
Best and Colin Cowdrey
Little Mo, Virginia Wade
Pistol Pete and O.J.
I’ve always like Di Maggio
And Rockne’s pretty knute you know
I could never whack a ball
With such velocity
I do the Rock
I do the Rock
I do the Rock

When I can get it
It’s stimulating – I’m a keen student

Liz and Dick and Britt and Liza
Jaclyn, Kate and Farah
Meg and Roddy, John Travolta
Governor Brown and Linda
Interview and People Magazine
Miss Rona and the Queen
It must be really frightful
To attract publicity
I do the Rock
I do the Rock

Carter, Begin and Sadat
Brezhnev, Teng and Castro
Everyday negotiate us closer to desastro
Idi Amin and the Shah
And Al Fatah is quite bizarre
I could never get the hang of ideology

I do the Rock
I do the Rock
I do the Ro…
I do the Ro…
I do the Ro…
I do the Ro…
Do the Ro…
Do the Ro…
I do, I do, I do, I do
Do the Rock

Sunshine, Sunshinin’ in
Sunshine, Sunshine
Well you can’t get enough of it man
Sunshine, Sunshine
Oh, we got the top down now
If you don’t have the top down, pull the top down
How often do you get a sunny day
Come to the rock, the rock will cure your ills, man
Stimulating, stimulating
Sunshine, Sunshine
Been a really hard winter, man
You deserve it, ya know.
Everybody do, everybody do, everybody
Sunshine, Sunshine
Songwriter(s): Michael Kamen, Tim Curry
 Copyright: K-man Corp., Irving Music Inc., Arriviste Ink Music

ahfuckit… now you kinda GOTTA watch the mind/gender bender I spoke of earlier.
You might as well come on up to the lab.

rocky horror hot chick