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It’s a Mega OBEY!!

Time is slow when waiting… am I immortal yet?

I am still gathering data, still meeting important people in self-important people meetings, still waiting for answers to other questions that allow me to put together time commitments, THEN I can really work on this (here) online project.

In the meantime.  Check out this stunning record-setting mural my old buddy Shepard Fairey did in Las Vegas, where he was met and gifted by yet another old buddy Branden Powers with pizza. (Yes it IS a small world.)

Obey Giant mural in las vegas

Street artist Shepard Fairey’s mural on The Plaza in downtown Las Vegas.


Yes.  I am killing time and sharing excuses while showing my friends achievements that don’t seem to have those to whine about.  EVERYONE knows about Shepard and Obey and will know even more with whatever he’s about to do next, since he’s a super political activist and I am sure the Trump thing will not sit well. Already Shepard has issued some beautiful Women’s Rights posters. There will be more.

(first 3 shown bottom, keep scrolling)

brandon powers, shepard fairey t-shirt for evel pie

That’s Shepard on the left and Branden lurking.

Branden?  Oh he’s just the serial entrepreneur and serial that’s-just-so-crazy-it-might-work idea man that brought Vegas- The Golden Tiki AND teamed up with the son of Evel Knievel to bring EVEL PIE to the Fremont District in downtown Las Vegas.

evel pie in las vegas

Outside and Inside

inside evel pie in las vegas

Maybe that is why I am subconsciously thinking of them as I’m somewhat mired by circumstance.  Shepard is the hardest working artist, hell maybe even the hardest working person of all, that I have ever met.  And Branden? That cat is one of the old school people responsible for the EDM scene as it is.  He was a GIANT rave promoter before EDM became an uhh, abbreviation (?), and since has been a juggernaut of weird throughout the wastelands of Nevada. They are two of my heroes and should be yours too.

Back soon, Rex    We the people, shepard fairey poster We the people, shepard fairey poster

Comic Con 2014!! The booth set up begins.

I have been a hawker of fine, pop-cultural wares forever. I raised my daughter to carry it on, and she is loading boxes as I jot this down. You can find us in the Convention Center at booth 1617 selling the new designs I knocked out for Popular Naughty and Royal Armageddon. THEN- IMMEDIATELY AFTER, we are going to finish the online store AND chase around you people to join our affiliate network. We want to pay you for your attention, you know, like a psychiatrist or a hooker.

Anyhowsers, to shove my credibility down your throat, allow me to show you my FIRST COMIC CON BOOTH EVER! I think it was 1997 or 98.

If you look close you can see Dave Burke in there- he was selling his art. In one of the pics you can also see Rob Zombie hanging out. I was selling my mags (I used to publish a cool magazine), and I also brought Am Rep Art Zippos, AND I was the first person to bring Kozik’s art to Con, AND I introduced the comic world to the art of Shepard Fairey. This was the first time his posters had been shown to an international art crowd.
shepard fairey art at comic con, frank kozik, kulture deluxe