What is Popular Naughty, Danger Factory, and Royal Armageddon?

Pop art fashion steeped in the dark alley culture of dive bars, burlesque houses, midnight monster flicks, hot rod, punk rock, and visual chaos. Streetwear for clever, creative, misfits that are fine that way. 

comic book girl 19, cbg19 danger factory streetwear, t-shirts at Comic Con 2015

We have been around a while but just now got the online site up.  Life had us a bit swamped. But we are good to go now.  This blog will be about new products and production updates.  It will nerd out a bit with screen print techniques and new designs. It'll be fun for those who might want to do their own line someday or just make some art with the methods we use.

Stay tuned.

In the mean time.  Destroy what needs to be destroyed.  Tear the shit down and rebuild something better with the good parts you salvage.  Remember how legit you are.  Hold on to your giant goals and high-minded aspirations.  Even though many of us (like me), suffer delusions of mediocrity, the world will eventually realize that most of those with delusions of grandeur... are idiots. Too fucking dumb to know how dumb they are.

Can I get an Amen!?