Post Everything Trash Glam

Hot Rod, Pop Art, Pin up Culture, Burlesque, Pre-Apocalyptic Streetwear for Dive Bar Philosophers, Humans of Action, World Changers, Revolutionaries, Evolutionaries, and the Flat-Out F#*king Dangerous

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Popular Naughty Clothing image, t-shirts and tops for dangerous men and women.

For the Superstar!

Anthony Bourdain bought a couple of designs! He said "These are badass!" And c'mon, if ANYONE knows bad ass, it's THAT world vagabond.

Authentic as Hell

This isn't just a marketing scheme from some half-wit superchain, this is a collection of art and aggressive/progressive somewhat subversive thought. It is designed for clever people. We don't want everyone to buy it, we designed it for ourselves and the people we want to change the world with.