Ask!  We will add to this as you do.  It isn't FAQ you, although I am easily amused by that kind of thing.

We'll start.

Hey!  Why are so many of the pictures such total crap?

Well good citizen, I think you are being a little harsh there.  The pictures are to illustrate the variety, just to give you an idea of how the print looks on different colors.  Many are shot with hand me down cameras, iphones, or computertrons.  As we produce NEW WORKS they will be rigorously processed in a much more professional manner.  Some of the limited edition designs only have a few left.  Then they may or may not be re-issued.  Even those, will more than likely be limited to under 200 each.  For a 7.8 BILLION population, making them quite the elite treat for your teat (or chest, or whatever you are sporting).  So... does THAT answer your question asshole?

Whoops, sorry for the last part.  Shooting a zillion shirt options makes us bitchy.