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A classic, tantalizing bit of vintage advertising.  Looks great on everyone.  If you are looking for a good gift, this is a safe one.  I found it in the back of an old men's magazine.  I don't even remember which one, but it was something like FATE, Men's Adventure, or some other bit of exploitative macho man goofiness.  Something to help the 50's dudes to better daydream about adventure in foreign, undiscovered lands where the natives run wild all topless, but certain factions try to boil you in cauldrons that mysteriously appeared in said unknown jungle. Yeah, THAT kind of men's magazine.

I retool the design completely and now it is a Popular Naughty shirt.  NOT Betty Page.  You would be surprised at how many models modeled their modeling after that model.  There were many proto-Bettys, and one is featured here.

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