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Pop Up Shop Only - Betty- a combo homage to Betty Page and Dita Von Teese

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I saw a statue of a similarly posed Betty Page and loved the silhouette.  I also saw a shot of Dita Von Teese that was almost identical.  I put in elements of both in a street art, stencil style illustration and positioned it on the shirt to go right down the middle so it will flirt out of a jacket or other shirt worn over it.  A loving cloth monument to the two Ultra Mega Stars of Burlesque.

This is also my reaction to BOOBS constantly being a design obstacle.  You print flat on shirts.  You design flat on a screen.  Then some curves come around and throw the images in every direction.  I had to dump some designs because the bosom would make the design look weird.  So with this design, I had the idea that if the customer came well endowed enough to expand the shirt, the design would expand in a way that reflected the wearers abundance.  I felt so clever.  It works too. If the figure is fuller, the shirt image is too.  Niiiiiiiiice.  Very classic.  Always crisp and good looking.  Not even a logo or brand name on it.  Just a sharp icon.

Ironically, Dita came shopping at the booth one year.  She bought a bunch of shirts, and wouldn't even let me comp her one. A local TV station was filming her at the moment and it ended up on the news.  That turns into a Rosario Dawson story that I will tell in a blog post later.  Bottom line is, guys look hot in this shirt, so do the amazonians (especially the tank top) and you can't go wrong with this one.


Is that Glenn Danzig, punk pock originator and megastar, hanging out at the Popular Naughty booth talking to Venture Bros. provocateurs- Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick? Oh, why yes.  Yes it is.  You may also notice Danzig is wearing this shirt design.  Yes.  Yes he is.

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