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Pop Up Shop Only -Stan Lee is My Homeboy- the forbidden homage

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THe ultimate double homage.  The old streetwear classic Jesus is My Homeboy meets the other savior- Stan Lee! 

I found an old scan of the Jesus image and posterized a pic of Stan while painstakingly fixing and altering, relettering and adding the classic Kirby cosmic energy dots in the background.  It took forever to get it as perfectly imperfect as it is.  I was so happy.  I printed up about 3 dozen and got themm to some of the right people and I was told Stan loved it.   I wanted to go big time and license it properly, not this punk rock garage stuff I have done forever.  But no.  Lawyers said some other company did something similar.  I found it, it SUCKS.  But either way, I was told to piss off.  So piss off I shall.  I will never reprint these.  At least not until lawyers become reasonable, so yeah.  Prob not happening. 

I have this tiny selection left then GONE FOREVER!  Be part of the super geek ULTRA elite and get yours.#stanleeismyhomeboy, #stanlee, #popart

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