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Good Luck Coffin

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I love a good  bit of morbid imagery.  We are all speeding headfirst into the grave, even health nuts.  Death will grip us eventually.  The challenge is to accumulate as many fantastic experiences between the birthday and croak day.  And in order to get the REEEEALLY cool experiences, you are probably going to live the fast life sometimes. 
The trick is balance, compensate for the fast times with super healthy foods, yoga, meditation... that kind of thing, and you will be good to go.  You will win the game of life by dying last.   Happy and chock full of phenomenal stories.  A life of legend.  That's a good way to go.

So live fast, and die last.

Simple coffin with an ornate crucifix. 
A lovely good luck charm to keep death at bay, by flirting with it.

Limited, but poke around. Dig to find your size. 
Lots of options, and even ONE test Polo Shirt.  For the office day that needs livening up.

Plus, the old, "As seen on the ComicBookGirl19 show!" can't hurt.

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