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Tura Satana Burlesk Ad

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A fantabulous shocker of a shirt in honor of the one and only Tura Satana!  I used to see her all of the time at Cons and burlesque events.  I even have a picture around here of her and Kitten Natividad honking on my nether regions making every shot look like I am a nerd getting partially electrocuted.  The last time I saw here I discussed an official collaboration and told her more about Popular Naughty and Danger Factory, how it's really about the design- not much of a money making scheme, and that we only do maybe a hundred of each design.  She said, "I love that.  Don't worry about it.  Just make me look good."  That's what I will do.  I jumbled together a half dozen bits from old newspaper ads, adding our elements, a publicity still of Tura that I got from Hollywood Book and Poster, scanned it into the spot where a super cruddy pic of her (same pose) had been and WHAMMO!  Totally frickin' hot shirt. 

It's one of the designs I personally hoard.  You should too.

Attention!! There is tension!

I got a message from the media company that is marketing her imagery now that she has passed away.  Though the original ad is all over the interzones and reeeeeally well within public domain, they are claiming retroactive ownership of all things - ever.  I have inquired about whatever licensing fee there could be for a production run of 75 shirts and await a reply.  A fight would be a waste of energy, I have hundreds of other designs I could do, plus- even though they came at me all aggressive and harsh, they are working on a documentary, so maybe they are just stressed out.  Hell, I would even donate all proceeds to help the doc.  We'll see.  But in the meantime, they insist that I cannot "sell" this shirt.  I CAN give it away though.  So for the time being and prob forever, this is a free gift with purchase.  So, just buy a diff shirt, I will give you this number for FREE!  See how that worked out?  The world gets rude, and YOU WIN!!

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