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Shock Monster World Demolition!

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What monster kid doesn't LOVE a shock Monster?  It's partially a graphic I made for an article on garage rock legends- the FIENDS.  I gave it a mop top and shades.  It ran in Kulture Deluxe Magazine in the late 90s.  EVERYTHING cycles back and I love it so much we had to use it on a new design. Just take a scan from an old monster mag, another from a 60s Vegas nightclub show, customize, mix it with an aggressive change-the-world mentality and voila- you've got this t-shirt!

Like our latest generations might be  - Created to Destroy and Built for the End of the World.  This subversive pinup and monster combo has stunning artwork and clever jibes all built into it.  It has the malcontent seal of approval.  Very pop surrealist.

Lots of colors, but some black print on darker shirts for that subtle look that I personally dig. Yes I forgot to shoot guys.  It comes in guys style shirts. Geez.  Send in YOUR pics!

Undecided?  Let a beloved and bereaved taste leader help you.  It's one of the t-shirts world traveling adventure dude and comic book fan/writer, Anthony Bourdain, purchased.   He said the design was "badass!"  He got another one too but I forget which.  THAT doesn't matter.  Be like Tony.  Buy this shirt! The man has got style, WORLD style.

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