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Girly Psychedelia Dementia POP UP ONLY

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Here is a gutsy punk rock shirt that will get a ton of compliments.  All psychedelic and cool up close, but a bit saucy from a distance.  I love this one and yeah I will call it pure pin up gold.  All the Popular Naughty shirts could be considered pin up or burlesque. 

History:  A FOUND bit of sauciness!  Yes, literally found!  It is an old photo, the kind of cheesecake you had to buy from mail order or from strangers in trenchcoats.  I came across a fist full of these beauties when I had snuck into an old warehouse that had just been gutted, I was daydreaming about putting an art studio/ performance space there when I went up on one of the last remaining structures-steps that only went up as the landing had been torn down.  But from there I could see the whole 10,000 square foot space.  All that was left was a set of employee lockers, but I could see a little tuft of white sticking out from behind one of them.  I ran down, reached up and behind, grabbed and pulled out about 80 super vintage photos of naked party gals.  From the 40s and 50s.  Ladies that now are the Grandmas and Sunday School Teachers.  Super interesting and cherished in my collection of oddities. 

A Burlesque Pin Up Hypno Spiral

HEY!  That's me with the universe famous, ComicBookGirl19 at SD Comic Con and I am wearing the shirt. WOW! That fat boy is cool for a second there.

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