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DESTROY wrong realities- Join the ILLUMINAUGHTY!

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Are there multiple realities?  Can we traverse them with our minds?  Do some of them have green skinned, mexican wrestler influenced, reality activists formed together in a perception bending cabal called the ILLUMINAUGHTY?  Or is this just a cool bit of pop art to trip people out with?  We may never know.

We have two versions here.The original which had a LOT of dot gain and came out harsher than I wanted, but kind of dug.  I wear it when I feel ultra subversive.  The next set (much brighter) went for more of the pop art look that is revered here at the Danger Factory Moonbase.

So make sure you choose the right version.

Dark or Pop.  It will be designated in the variant options when ordering. 

Multi Dimensional Chaos Magicians altering the past, present and future in ordr to further the evolution of our kind. Thus is the ILLUMINAUGHTY!!

Or we are just fucking around and love sci-fi and Lucha Libre.  Probably a bit of both.

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