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Frankenstein Size Fuses - Industrial Art Supply

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I went on a salvage mission in a building that had sat for about 7 years in downtown San Diego.  It was FILLED with leftover items that had accumulated over the decades the building was operational.  When it was condemned, the people all in a hurry.

I had truckloads of items, most of which I sold to a couple of prop houses in LA, but some of the distinctive and quirky items I still have.  Always thinking I will have the time to make art with them. Yeah... spare time.  I am sure I will never do all the projects I desire, so I will let a bunch of my collection go.  To you.

These fuses are INTENSE looking and have some seriously gorgeous design on them.  I was going to simply mount them in a base and let them stand alone as art.  Used as a customizer for a Rat Rod, Steampunk doodad, or pop art brilliance.  When I do, I am going to charge 4 times what I am charging you here.  YOU make the art!