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Lucifer's First Day

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Gustave Doré Ultra masterpiece, Paradise Lost

French artist, printmaker, illustrator and sculptor Gustave Doré, is famous for a ton of influential and stunningly detailed works of art during his career in the 1800s.  One of the most striking being this sampling from the illustrations provided for John Milton's- Paradise Lost.  The epic biblical telling of God, man, and the rebellious Angel Lucifer.

We all know the story tells of Lucifer the Morningstar, cast out from Heaven because of his sass.  He has his feathers swapped out for bat wings and is cast out to the earthly ghetto you and I also live in. 

A lovely print, and a good reminder that no matter how hard YOUR day was,
Lucifer's first day was harder.

We still need to do some more product shots.  This as it is now just represents the colors.  The collar will be what is described in the name. (They aren't all v-neck.)

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