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Wrasslin' Go Go Grrls 2

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 I know.. What the hell?  That is exactly what I said when I came across this image in a vintage fetish video brochure I bought from Eric Caidin at Hollywood Book and Poster (may the amazing, wonderful Psychotronic man rest in peace- lucha libra obituary ).  Every pic was something I wanted to make an art print with.  All black and white, large printer dot, and a kitschy reminder of how pent up the 50s were to make the mid 60s so damn squirrelly!

All that pent up sexual frustration came sweating out in the fetish cinema world and these wrestling bikini women provided the heat,  I am probably going to blow this up into a large screen print poster at some point. Two legs in the air like you just don't care!  You're pinned baby!

People either love this or hate it.  But I want to remind you, we are observers here, this is a curated tour of the winding, twisty avenues of pop culture and underground thought.  No judgement or promotion.  Just hosting the show.  

Well maybe a little judgement... the whole thing is sooooo weird.  But that is what makes it a cool design.  We were at a clothing trade show a few years back and the head clothing designer for CBGB's, the legendary punk venue, said, "That is the RADDEST SHIRT EVER!"

Who am I to argue?

 A Larger shirt body than usual.  A Beefy-T style for men's.  Except the Light Blue.  That is unisex.

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