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A post EVERYTHING pop culture blog with a trashy, glam, alternative world, burlesque, punk rock, streetwear store.  RIGHT!?!  A mashup of all the elements of style we find on this site.  A dash of monster, some wrenches with bone handles, electric sparks, a tiny touch of steampunk, a post apocalyptic flavor and a heaping helping of civil dissent.

Everything cool collided together like a damn crest of a new Nation.  All Hail the attention you will get as one of this nation's royalty.

People do dig it, and I am so glad.  This logo had a zillion renditions as there were so many geek worlds and street philosophy theories to be integrated into the pirate, reality monkey-wrenching, pre-apocalyptic social misfit, thought leader concept we wish this line and blog to be. 

You can walk around and soak in the compliments you will Inevitably receive.
Seriously.  People always tell me how this shirt gets compliments. 

For people actively monkey wrenching reality.  
As seen on the COMICBOOKGIRL19 Show.  
Because she is so damn cool.  Now YOU can be too.

Danger factory logo, comicbookgirl19, at Comic con www.dangerfactory.com

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