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Mr. Wolf's Go Go Action Club

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CLASSIC!  An old wolf graphic from a subscription ad in an old girly digest.  This one sold out almost immediately.  I did just find a small supply of the original run and you can have them at a special closeout price. This is one of the rare images that we are doing a second run of to vend at SD Comic Con  (2017).  SO leading up to that production we are allowing PRE-SALE!  At the SAME Closeout Price!!!  Wha??  We must have gone to Mr. Wolf's, got caught up in all the action and did WAY too many shots! 

Well just like in real life, YOU can benefit from our poor decision making. Get this fantastically cool shirt on your torso today!

2nd Edition to have minor changes.  Every run will have it's distinctive qualities.  Good for that collection you may be cultivating.  It'll be big bucks on ebay someday.

Besides awesome pricing already, any other discounts you may have earned will be taken off at checkout.  Simply enter code.

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